Saturday, March 01, 2003
RSS cannot replace personal weblogs.
Evan Williams posted about RSS feeds, even though he's not blogging any more(!). He seems unsure of the future of RSS as it relates to weblogs, but I would like to offer my opinion. RSS is convenient for business weblogs, news weblogs and link weblogs. But for personal and media intensive weblogs, I will never be satisfied with a big chunk of posts pushed through an aggregator.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
the layout manager that saved christmas
So those of you who know me, know that I am perpetually on the hunt for better and more flexbile swing layout managers. I have tried them all, litterly. Some I have been pretty happy with (TableLayout) and other I have not (names ommitted to protect the guilty). But I have found Nirvana.

JGoodies Forms has to be the most cleanly designed, high-powered and flexible layout manager I have ever used. My typing could never do it justice, but this pdf document gives a very straight forward presentation of the manager, including a comparison to tablelayout, gridbag, etc..

While not cheap for commercial useage (but still an amazing bargin) karsten has been kind enough to release a free non-commerical (binary only) version under the Creative Commons license.

Sunday, February 23, 2003
Jakarta Commons/Net
This is an Internet protocol suite Java library originally developed by ORO, Inc. This version supports Finger, Whois, TFTP, Telnet, POP3, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, and some miscellaneous protocols like Time and Echo as well as BSD R command support. The purpose of the library is to provide fundamental protocol access, not higher-level abstractions. Therefore, some of the design violates object-oriented design principles. Our philosophy is to make the global functionality of a protocal accesible (e.g., TFTP send file and receive file) when possible, but also provide access to the fundamental protocols where applicable so that the programmer may construct his own custom implementations (e.g, the TFTP packet classes and the TFTP packet send and receive methods are exposed). NetComponents was originally a commercial product, but after ORO dissolved, it was continued to be made available for those who found it useful. However, no updates have been made since version 1.3.8, released in 1998. Now that certain contract obligations have expired, it is possible to make the source code freely available under the The Apache Software License.


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