Saturday, February 08, 2003
Common HTTP Implementation Problems
This document is a set of good practices to improve implementations of HTTP and related standards as well as their use. It explains a few basic concepts, points out common mistakes and misbehaviors, and suggests "best practices".

This document does not incriminate any specific product. W3C does not track bugs or errors in implementations. That information is generally tracked by the vendors themselves, or third parties.

The seven wonders: Command pattern, IoC, Hibernate, AOP, MockObjects, Maven, TDD
It has been a tough week for me, and a very fruitful one at work. We started a new subsystem and we decided to refactor our framework and basically everything we do from the build process to framework to the architecture.

Thursday, February 06, 2003
Command Prompt Explorer Bar
Ever tried to run one of those console programs ("Hello World!" to name a few), .BAT, .VBS or .JS scripts just to see black window popping up and disappearing? I did. Especially after I started using .Net framework I find myself doing this more often. No wonder - with all this ALs , NGENs and TLBIMPs. So if you are like me then this tool is right for you. Next time you need to run a program without GUI, just press the 'Ctrl+M' key combination in your explorer. A command prompt will start and appear automatically. Its current directory will be exactly the same as the current path you are browsing. And better yet the console will appear inside your explorer window - like any other explorer bar does - 'History', 'Favorites', 'Folders' etc. Now you can have the best of both worlds combined together - easy and fast navigation of explorer and power of batch processing of the command prompt. Or should I say Command Prompt Explorer Bar...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003
Java FTP client library 1.2.1
Java FTP client library allows any Java application to have full embedded FTP functionality. It includes a straightforward but comprehensive API with functions such as put (), get(), chdir(), dir() and pwd(). Active and passive modes are supported.


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